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Self Portrait
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

ENTER APHRODITE:Readings on Love, Sex, Power

Readings on
Love, Sex, Power

Marcia Singer

      (Self Portrait 2001)

Early in the 90s, I spontaneously opened energetically, cascades of life energies rippling through me, up and down my spine. Words and concepts followed to help explain what was happening to me, many borrowed from Sanscrit. Concepts like kundalini and chakras, yoni and lingam, tantra, tantrika and dakini helped give shape, definition, meaning to the experience of the rush of orgastic energies that would overtake me. I called myself a ”live wire,” to become more comfortable with this development.

I also accessed ancient yoga practices to help me ignite, manage, contain and ride these waves from heated beginnings to light, even bliss filled arrivals. Psychic skills erupted, too, enabling my subtle awareness to grow in leaps and bounds.

Like many newcomers, I was obsessed with ecstatic experience, looking for ecstatic passageways in solitude, with a lover, with the Natural world. Simultaneously, I was seized by a call to shamanic practice, to recognize and reclaim my “wildish” self and to traipse “between the worlds. This required that I be a frequent visitor to life’s abyss, to my edges and shadows, both personally and professionally. I began to wear the cloak of Healer. Professionally there was a theme: most of my clients had suffered psychic injuries to their deep sense of womanhood and manhood. I would be facing my own in the process. Sex and erotic matters were on the front burner, along with the idea of Self Realization, enlightenment, Wholeness.

By the mid 90s, I had also become very familiar with a number of ancient “gods and goddesses”, those that live in “every woman” and “every man.” I was especially drawn to Venus-Aphrodite (from the Roman-Greek archives): the goddess of love, beauty, sensuality and sexuality. Coming from a repressed and ungainly upbringing, I was an ugly duckling seeking her swan self.

Living at the time in north county San Diego, I had a small, coed group of friends who met regularly to support each other’s well being, spiritual growth, and need for spontaneous play. I was fortunate that my playmates were educated, dedicated and creative partners, agile in mind, body and spirit. One afternoon, meeting at my house, somehow the subject of my emerging ability to “channel” non physical beings or “energies” came up. I was challenged to channel readings for each of my friends. Having talked a fair amount about my fascination with the alchemical, transformational aspects of The Love Goddess, calling Her out to speak through me seemed, well, like the obvious choice.

I stood up while my friends sat on the floor and asked questions that I as Aphrodite might respond to. What transpired was fabulous, phenomenal and totally unanticipated. It was as though I temporarily became Her myself. Yet, since she was using my “instrument” to express through, here on the physical plane, this She-and-I combination was a new creation, a blend of energies, focused on the soul Messages within carnal desires.

What I remember today, and what I still feel whenever she “comes through me,” is the magnificent grace of seeing and understanding everyone as uniquely beautiful, sexy and gifted as lovers in their own way. I can experience what can make-anyone attractive, desireable, special. I see through the outer guises into the soul of that particular man or woman (or youth) that wants to be fully expressed as only that feminine or masculine expression of the Divine could be. The sense-abilities of the Beautiful One allow us to know Beauty in each of us. So, each question asked of Aphrodite becomes a prayer: to be loved, cherished, respected, appreciated, needed or desired just as we are. She responds with the eyes, ears and touch of the Beloved, one mystical lover to another, with Life itself, Creator, the Divine as inspiration.

At least She does, when She comes through a channel that is spiritually-based.

I cherish my opportunities to “read” others from Her perspective. In that escape from space-time “reality,” I’m empowered to love myself, as well as others, to be happy in my own skin, and inspired to love more perfectly.

With the guidance provided from the Icon of intimate, romantic ways, all great dreams of love making seem ours for asking. Low self esteem and anxieties melt away, leaving our bodies and hearts freer to do what they naturally know how to do, without hang ups, with unstressed abandon. “Intimacy,” closeness and self revealing becomes the natural norm.

Behind each question my friends asked years ago was a prayer from the heart, often hidden in the folds of the question. “Do you see me getting back together with my girlfriend?” “What do you see as my best feature?” “How can I reach orgastic heights?!” At the heart, all questions ask to touch into what might make us really alive, really present to the moment, full and brimming, Connected.

I am alive to the possibilities of exploring how this is so, with your questions, with mine, and with the unique opportunities we create together, with Aphrodite, Venus, Goddess of love, sensuality and sexuality and Beauty.

Here I am. Here we are!

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Friday, November 20, 2009


Sexual Self Sacrifice: Sacred, or Profane

By Marcia Singer, MSW

One of the most intriguing aspects of being a psychic sensitive, for me, is being thrust into times and spaces, worlds and dimensions that exist outside of our given time-space “reality.” Even more captivating are the insights that come, and better still, spiritual wisdom --i.e. love teachings-- to be gleaned from these forays into The Beyond.

The other day, while in a phone consultation with a young woman, I saw a scene that appeared to be a small village in a distant land, long ago. Most everyone wore while cotton muslin attire, with hints of color in scarves, belts and accessories. The village was quite neat and clean, if very modest in means. There was a strong religious scent in the air. Into my view appeared a young woman in her late teens, curled up on a simple cot bed, crying softly to herself, alone in the room. There was a large, gooey wet spot where sperm had fallen onto her right thigh, and onto the bed sheet. “Uncle” had just left, having had his way with her. It was so distasteful, even painful this time. She had tried to pretend otherwise.

As I looked into the scenario, more history and meaning arose. Apparently many of the girls in the village were tutored in preparation for this sexual servicing role, often from an early age. It was considered her duty, if her family --her father in particular, wished it, and mothers were encouraged to go along. It was considered as her duty under Allah-God, to obey her parents, and the leadership of the village --all males. “Imams.” As I said the word, my client uttered that her family is Arab(ic), confirming my vision.

I looked some more. Apparently, girls were earmarked for sexual services for a number of reasons. If she was pretty and desirable, any “uncle” who “needed” her services, was welcome to it, to relieve his tensions, stress. Also, if she was especially suppliant and pleasing, she might bring favor from men of power including money, food, goods to the household. Many were poor, and the extra help was seen as necessary to survival. Thus “honor” was brought to a woman, and to her father, mother and household if she was chosen and ‘delivered’ the goods.

It was not permissible for women to complain, even to one another. Everyone played the game that Allah had decreed this “sacred duty.” Male privilege was disguised as -- what? Tradition, ownership, divine right.

I viewed the young woman sadly left to her own devices. The “uncle” who had come had taken her in his usual brusque, unskilled manner, leaving without so much as a ‘thank you’ to return to his work world. A man in his thirties perhaps, I felt him to be frustrated at home, attracted to the teenager, wanting in his own way to satisfy her with his manly ways…. He also seemed to want rights to her --which was not believed to be in conflict with being married and with children. She was a beautiful young woman.

I got that few of the men in the village knew anything much of women’s needs --they were usually preoccupied with relieving their itches, and wanting to feel the women beneath them succumbing --yes, ‘wanting’ them, too, sometimes. There was such an uneven power display that few women got to experience loving partners --although it did happen for some: those more evolved, more heart-centered, who felt “luck” had penetrated their alliances.

Bearing witness to all this, I was struck by the lack of real communication between the sexes in this community, even the lack of communication available within the genders: the whole system was based on male dominance and female subservience, with some unholy notion that Allah was ordaining this arrangement, and that was pleasing to Him…. Him. Certainly not Her.

Further, the human need for real love, kindness, closeness was being thwarted in so many households. Intimacy was scarce, because so few could bring any ‘presence’ to relationships. Even parent-child relations were tainted by the power roles allotted to males and females, and the posturing of both to satisfy religious beliefs.

I was struck by something else, too. Remembering Deena Metzger’s writing in the 80s about “The Holy Prostitutes” of Greek and Roman times, about the women who dedicated themselves to priestesshood to perform sexual rites of congress to “take the war out of the men.” [I had seen myself in that role several times, and clients of mine did, as well. ]The men --usually soldiers or statesmen-- came in an honorable manner, bearing gifts to the temple. They were ritually bathed before being brought to a priestess to “make love” with her, her leading him. Never was he allowed to see her face, to personalize the sexual alliance: Indeed, it was ONLY for the purposes of cleansing, clearing the slate, purification, to allow the man to return to his world renewed.

The village in my Vision was so off the mark: “missing the mark” being the early Greek definition of “sin.”

Missing the mark, off the path -- of Love, seeking and not able to find, underneath all the rules, the fears, the desperate attempts to control the sex lives of both the men, and the women, by giving unlimited choice to the men, and no choice to the women, except to silently obey or be ostracized - or worse, mutilated or slain.

And it is still going on, in so many places around the globe… in one form or another. Seking love in all the wrong places, if seeking it consciously at all.

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Marcia Singer originated of the Love Arts Foundation.  She is available to book readings, healings, coaching or counseling sessions in person in Santa Rosa CA or by phone. Trips back to L.A. and San Diego hoped for in 2010.  Classes can be arranged to your interests and tastes.  Thank you --for being.

CAVE MAN SEX -Revisiting PreHistoric Coupling!

Revisiting Prehistoric Coupling with Marcia Singer

My young female client was progressing in her intimacy skills. More exactly, she was overcoming her anxiety about being overwhelmed by: her partner’s strong sexual urges, her own appetites, and last, most difficultly, a long standing fear of “touching herself down there.”

Growing up in a decidedly patriarchal society, and, having stirred memories of male sexual invasion, impropriety in this life, and mutilations in others to prevent or punish her self pleasuring, she had some work to do to free herself to enjoy her own body again. And, to trust herself with a partener.

She asked me if I could pull up a past life reading for her in which she felt very free sexually, where she was enjoying “a big orgasm.”

To our mutual surprise, I immediately saw a cave man having his way with a cave gal. Hairy, ape-like, this prehistoric pair were coupling with much gusto. I peered in to get more of the story. Apparently, he was the alpha male, with rights to the females, although he sometimes had big fights to keep his rights. His body had scars, hurt places from the fisticuffs.

I could feel him: instinctual, physical sex, like scratching a deep, hard to reach itch. With luck, they'd make a baby and help continue the family line --indeed, survival of the species-- in the offing.

But there was more to the instinctual side. There was also the pull of the moon, tides, seasonal shifts, even the light and shadows influenced the sexual encounters. And of course, the events of the day, physical stamina and wellness levels, mood, all the same kinds of things we are still dealing with today. Things still operating below our awareness, mostly.

My client, in a past expression as the big male in this scenario, laid claim to his nature --to take what was his, allow his body to dictate the moves to maximize sensual pleasures and sexual excitement, to procreate if possible. Beating his large, heavy chest with pride and satisfaction might also enter the play.

“But could her hurt her?” asked my wary client.

He could be demanding, and, if fighting for position with a competitive male, yes, even be brutal laying claim to the female(s) during sex. I saw how maimings and even death sometime resulted from infuriated males gone awry. But although possible, it did not seem to be the rule.

My client was uncomfortable: surely this was the kind of runaway male sexual energy she feared. My attention was pulled to the female, cave woman partner: how was she faring?

At the moment, she was going at it with her partner with much gusto. In fact, she had enticed him, displaying her posterior, making inviting sounds and other overtures for mating. She was in estrus. While she had rejected the attentions of two other males who came sniffing around, she had her eyes on the leader: what woman wouldn’t prefer a strong, reliable male to mate with? Who could protect and provide for her? King of the caves?

I wondered: was sex primarily --or only-- for procreation? It appeared so. Yet as millennia passed, and pre-thinking ape-persons evolved into thinking and scheming creatures, we became capable of more: of finding pleasure, communion, even mystical union though sexual encounters, through love making joining the intense pleasures --especially of being in heat, of having raging hormones.

My young client definitely wanted to lay claim not only to hot and wild , unfettered sexual experience, but to unhurried, adoring, love making: she wanted a “man with a slow hand,” we agreed.

Master spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle expouses the theory that humankind is beginning to evolve further into “post-thinking” conscious beings. That beyond dreaming and scheming, cogitating, maneuvering or manipulating, trying to make something happen --there is Now, Being here in the moment, where all Is --alive, conscious, joy-filled, where well being exists. We could think about things if we want, but wouldn’t have to. We could use image-in ation without stressing over it, worrying, doubting. Our intuition and instincts would serve more readily, smoothly as native guidance.

I wonder how men and women might enjoy their comings together if intimacy, closeness, honesty, self revealing, being who and what you are were the rule, rather than the exception? If people were free to experience a huge range of sensual and sexual proclivities, all with a free heart, with love and respect and care? If the connection between natural sexuality, creativity and life energies were known as the norm? If sex and enlightenment were known to be a continuum?

Sounds like a tantric paradise to me.

-M 11/30/09

Marcia Singer directs the Love Arts Foundation, relocated to North Bay Area, from Los Angeles last year.  Reach her for readings, sessions, in person or by phone, individuals, partners welcome, all ages, too.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


“The Body-to-Mind connection: Missing link to lasting solutions”
By Marcia Singer, MSW, CHt

You're body's talking: are you listening?

What do you do to relieve persistent physical discomfort or illness? Reach for pain pills? Nutritional supplements? Go to a chiropractor or massage therapist? Do a cleansing detox? Perhaps you meditate, do some yoga or take a walk. Maybe you’ve had to face the difficult choice of whether to undergo surgery or chemotherapy, for yourself or another you love.

All of these kinds of methods may be a valid part of a total healing regimen at some time in a life. Yet if you have the inclination to look within, you may find, deep inside, a Knowingness about the heart of any condition. This core contains the information you need to help you achieve, even become the changes that wellness requires. Tuning in is making the BodyMind connection.

Take Casey, a client of mine who came in for hypnotherapy after trying a number of alternative therapies to relieve chronic low back pain. As he described his problem and answered questions about his lifestyle and current stresses as a salesman, Casey expressed the fear that his back problem would put him “out of commission” at work, and he’d have nothing to “fall back” on. After two hypnotherapy sessions, it was clear that Casey’s real issue was hating his traveling sales job, and facing his fear of change. He was also in need of nurture and was “holding back” emotionally. These metaphors matched his body’s cry for help, spoken in pain - the body’s unique language used when all else fails to get our attention.

As a practicing hypnotherapist and emotional release bodyworker for fifteen years, I learned to speak this special language in ameliorating my own discomforts, as well as those of hundreds of clients. I found that giving the “cold shoulder” to an estranged lover could result in an angry flare up of bursitis; that a twisted ankle might speak of a need to be mindful, to “watch your step” as you find a clear direction; that throat cancer could mean a terrible stifled cry for the truth of creative spirit to be heard. On the humorous side --and there are plenty-- a client’s chronic problem with gas can prove to be “raising a stink” passive aggressively about a spouse’s cooking!

Entering an altared (heart-centered) state of awareness, a meditative state, with an intention to be well, you can learn to access intuitive and instinctual information levels. We all are created with this sense-ability, the gift of making a body-to-mind connection, using the heart as mediator and interpreter. This system is designed with unfailing integrity, but we don’t’ typically access it. Unfortunately, as we grow up, many factors intercede and interfere with our natural abilities to listen to and play our own body-mind instruments.

Whether your challenge to wellness is a nagging migraine, high blood pressure or chronic indigestion, your body does not exist in a vacuum. There is a correspondence between your physical condition and what’s going on with your mind, your feelings, your energy body and your soul. This correspondence is the essence of what is meant by body-mind. Making the connection conscious is a boon to living well.

While Ken Dytwald coined the term “body-mind”(in the 70s), it is still a very new concept for western medicine traditions. While alternative practitioners acknowledge it, they usually have a bias: a belief that one of the bodies - e.g. mental, emotional or physical -- causes the problem you’re facing. Thus some practitioners argue that the thinking mind causes all bodily symptoms and states, while others argue that toxic emotions are the demon, and still others insist that physical body conditions determine your mental and emotional states.

I experience all of our so-called bodies --mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual-creative --as simultaneous, interdependent and equally important to the integrity of the whole that they comprise. They may vary individually in degrees of health or balance, but are equally important to whole person function. However, focusing primarily on one part more than others will seem to make it more important, to make it the cause of the results we see, rather than its true relation to the whole.

My own bias is to experience all health crises as spiritual ones at the core: issues about the nature and meaning of our lives, what directions to take, the valuing or re-evaluating of ourselves and the preciousness of the love we give and receive. I believe that love comes in a million guises, and awaits us at the heart of pain, stress, disease and heartache.

Your body is always talking. And so is your subconscious mind, your emotional body and your heart. Listen well, listen closely. Use all of you as a resource. You are a miracle, and your health conditions are the precursors of more love and wisdom -even grace. Take the chance to Connect. (844 words)

Marcia Singer, MSW, CHt directs the Love Arts Foundation in California. She offers a “body-centered” approach to hypnotherapy, deep emotional release bodywork, past life regression therapy, vibrational sound therapy, intuitive and creative arts alternatives to wellness. Counseling or hands-on modalities, with presence, compassion and a light heart. Credits include an M.S.W. from U.C. Berkeley, certification in Hypnotherapies and spiritual counsel, medical intuition and professional performance arts.